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RPLD Animanga Club

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vote for Your Favorite Chibi Mascot for the Club

Teen Animanga! Time to vote for your favorite Chibi Mascot. Check out the photoset on Flickr and vote for your favorite back here in the comments to this post or on the Teen Scene Facebook Page.

Teen Animanga Chibi Mascot Flickr Photoset

I'm leaning towards #7, "Angry Panda"...
#1 or #9 definetly
Can the library get a drawing tablet that you could check out and use in the library only?
It would really help because alot of kids can't afford their own and it would help if there was one at the library to use. Thank you.
Hi, Aquafina. We do have a drawing tablet you can use in the library; just stop by the reference desk and ask for it.

The YA 1 computer has Manga Studio Debut on it as well as the driver for the tablet, so for now anyway that is the only computer we can use for this purpose...
oh cool! I didn't know we had one. Thank you!
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