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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shonen Jump

Just one year ago, U.S. Shonen Jump ceased publication of its print manga magazine in favor of an all-digital format available only via the web or on mobile devices. The newly christened Shonen Jump Alpha was something of an experiment for its parent company, anime and manga publisher Viz Media, and year two brings even more changes as the magazine feels its way across this new frontier of digital periodical publishing.

Dropping Alpha from its title beginning January 21, 2013, the latest iteration of digital Shonen Jump will allow readers in the U.S. to read the same stories simultaneously as readers of the original Japanese edition without the usual delays of years past in translating, printing, and shipping the old paper magazine.

With the Alpha release, subscribers' access to each digital issue expired after a certain interval, but no longer; copies are now permanently available for downloading even after a subscription has lapsed.

It's been an interesting first year for Jump fans, and the publishers likely will have a few more surprises up their sleeves in the coming months. Check out some of the links below and explore the world of Shonen Jump:

The History of  Shonen Jump in America, from Anime News Network
Free Preview of Shonen Jump Digital

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